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Photographs from a Holiday in New Zealand

The Mystery of the Assington Cross

How the mystery was solved.

The Assendon Spring

A history of the mysterious Assendon Spring.

The Assendon Valley

The Assendon valley from Howe Hill to Henley-on-Thames.

The South Oxfordshire Wing Museum

The Assendon Spring v2014.pdf


Nettlebed, brick making, a windmill and St Bartholomews church.

Cecil Roberts

The life of former Lower Assendon resident Cecil Roberts

The Mystery of Assington Cross solved v1.pdf Cecil Roberts.pdf

A Visit to Ewelme

An account of Ewelme church from Gone Rustic by Cecil Roberts.

A Visit to Ewelme v2014.pdf Nettlebed.pdf

The Golden Ball

The 1930s Golden Ball, by Cecil Roberts, plus memories of landlord Tom Harris

The Golden Ball & Tom Harris.pdf The Assendon Valley v2014.pdf

The Roman Road

Activity on the old Roman Road in Lower Assendon, by Cecil Roberts

The Roman Road.pdf

Growing Up in Assendon

Two poems about growing up in Lower Assendon.

Assendon poems v1.pdf