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Photographs from a Holiday in New Zealand

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The South Chilterns Wing


A brief history and description of Fawley, in Buckinghamshire, the Rixons and John Piper.

Fawley v2.pdf

South Chiltern Railways

The Great Western Railway and its branch lines in South Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Railways in the South Chilterns v2014.pdf

Hambleden and Fingest

A brief history of Hambleden & Fingest from Gone Afield by Cecil Roberts.

Hambleden v2.pdf

A Drive through the South Chilterns

A day trip by car to explore some South Chiltern villages.

A Drive Through the South Chilterns v3.pdf


A brief history and description of Remenham parish and the 19th century Taylor family.

Remenham v2.pdf

My First Class Journey

The log of a Boy Scout First Class journey from 1961

My First Class Journey v1.pdf

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The Shirburn Astronomers

An account of the astronomers at Shirburn castle in the 1700s

The Shirburn Astronomers.pdf